The "Positionman" is not only a brand for a product, but it's a working tool.

It gives a relaxing posture for the body of a person who seated on his knees or whose work position or whose circumstances are mandatory to sit on their knees. They will feel comfortable with their postures when using "Hamstring-Bench".

For example:

  • An electrician, who needs to install or replace multiple electric outlets at a lower height on his knees.
  • A plumber who has to connect pipes under a sink and then wants to relax in a knee sitting position for thinking or to inspect the works he has done properly or not.
  • A washing machine or dryer machine technician who has to inspect at a low height.
  • In a car body shop, when they need to work on the lower parts of a car; they have to give their body weight on their knees to be in a position to work. 
  • A street worker who has to apply vowels on his hands and knees and wants to rest regularly to relax his muscles or his lower back in the same working-position without having to get up every time 
  • A tile setter/ chopper/tile grout filler who wants to relax after working a few meters and does not want to get up every time to save time can perfectly use the Positionman's Hamstring-Chair/Bench).
  • A Gardner who works on his knees and wants to relax for a while without having to stand up every time.
  • In the Agricultural industry, for farmers who work on the hands and knees and want to rest can use this Hamstring-Chair/Bench to relax their lower back and muscles
  • In the Supermarket chains, where the rack fillers work on their knees to clean and re-arrange the lower racks and can rest their lower back in ease on the same working position.
  • In Group therapy, where people are sitting on the floor or seated on their knees to Meditate or to have a relaxed position; this Hamstring-Chair/Bench will help out
  • Archaeologist: who have to dig and research on the grounds while seated on their Knees can use.

Private Usage:

  • Mostly in Arab countries, people who sit down on their knees for courtesy in their prayer house for their beliefs
  • Yoga people can use the Hamstring-Chair/Bench to practice meditation for the beginners without any posture impacts on their lower back
  • In Japan, for a tea ceremony-people are used to sit on their Knees in respect for their Culture
  • For some people having space constraints in their living area, this Hamstring-Chair/Bench will be a compact furniture can be used for multiple purposes
  • People affected by an injury on their knees can use the Hamstring-Chair/Bench to sit in their comfortable position avoids the overweight and stabilize their posture

Military purposes:

  • Soldiers who prefer to sit on the ground, to workout, or to quickly stand up in case if they want to stabilize their posture and reduce the pain on their lower backs can use the Hamstring-Chair/Bench

Tension Belt:

  • The tension belt is brought to belt height by means of an ingenious system.
  • The function of the tensioning belt has to position the hamstring-bench against your body so that you have your hands free while standing and sit back when performing work in different places.


  • Stretchable belt, with an adjustable system that can be adjusted to the abdomen of the person
  • Click system to snap the two ends of the tensioning belt together in a way that must be done quickly and efficiently and also for safety reasons, if the chair needs to be released quickly,
  • The person release the belts with a single click if they want to quickly separate themselves from the seat in the event of a possible danger situation

With best regards,


Inventor/ Designer/ Creator