The Positionman, Hamstring-Bench is designed and engineered in Belgium

  • The Hamstring-Bench is invented by Mr. Positionman himself.
  • The inventor has taken the name Positionman.
  • The design is also created by the Belgian inventor himself! 
  • Thinking about the joint pains, the inventor has come up with his own idea that solves the mysteries of many Ortho problems. 

Hamstring-bench, What it is?

  • Used to catch the bodyweight during the knee seating position.
  • It manages to make your posture straight when the person is seating on their knees.
  • Facilitates standing up or resting on the ground position.
  • The hamstring-bench will be far the finest solution for people whose knee-sitting position is mandatory due to circumstances.
  • Overloads on the Lower back will be prevented because the strong support legs of the bench hold up the weight that the knees can normally hold.
  • As a result, various pain moments and medical interventions can be avoided if the Hamstring-bench is used for the long-term
  • The hamstring-bench will prevent the people from heavy pain in the knees and lower back when it is used for their activities.

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